gwavmerger requires the following libraries:

gwavmerger requires following libraries to be installed on your system:

If you are a RedHat user like myself, you should have no problems in finding necessary RPM files (for example, on RPM If, however, RPMs could not be found, you can always build them from the tarball files with

% rpmbuild -tb tarball.tar.gz 

If you don't use RPM packaging system, you can build gwavmerger (along with all dependencies) from tarballs with following commands:

% tar xvfz PACKAGE-VERSION.tar.gz
% ./configure
% make
% su
% make install


If you are building any libraries from the tarball files, the default installation path is set to /usr/local. Make sure your /etc/ includes /usr/local/lib path. Also, make sure $PKG_CONFIG_PATH is set to /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig