Directory Structure

Create a directory where your project is going to be located. For the purpose of this discussion, I will store my project under /data/English/Segment12.

Since I am a native Russian speaker learning English, I create two subdirectories, each to hold a sequence of WAV files.

% mkdir /data/English/Segment12/Russian
% mkdir /data/English/Segment12/English

The directory structure of my project will ultimately look like this:


Here, Russian/ is the directory where I store a translation from English to Russian. Accordingly, English/ holds a sequence of WAV files for the English version of the material. File Segment12.gwm is the configuration file generated and used by gwavmerger. It is discussed later in the document. File Segment12.wav is the product of the merged Russian and English sound files. And finally, the directory cdimage/ holds the CD tracks of the merged Russian and English sound files.