These are the minimal requirements you need to satisfy in order to run gwavmerger:

You also need an audio recording of the material you are trying to memorize in the foreign language. The sources are endless: you might get audio tapes from your teacher, or from a textbook that comes with audio tapes/CDs in your local library, or your favorite radio show, etc.

Given an audio recording, you need to split the recording into individual sentences, translate each foreign sentence into your native language, read it out loud in the microphone and save each individual sentence to your hard drive as WAV file. In other words, you need an audio recording of each individual sentence in both your native and foreign language - two parallel sequences of sequentially numbered WAV audio files (or chunks).

Although it might sound too technical and complicated, in reality, it takes me less then 2 hours to process a text of about 50 sentences long and prepare all the sound files. The whole process and necessary tools are described later.