Interactive Training

If you got that far, congratulations! You are ready to experience the full strength of gwavmerger. Load the project by clicking on [Reload] button. Progress dialog shows the progress of loading sequence A and then sequence B.

The navigation bar lets you play sounds and move around the list of sentences.

Figure 4. Navigation Bar

Navigation Bar

From left to right, here is what the buttons are for:

  1. Stop stops playing a WAV file.

  2. Play A plays the left sentence of the current row.

  3. Play B plays the right sentence of the current row.

  4. Down Arrow selects next row in the list.

  5. Up Arrow goes back to the previous row.

As you progress in memorizing your segment, you find it tiresome clicking Down Arrow again and again. If you check Preferences-> Jump Next Row, every time you click PlayB button, the row selection jumps to the next row.

Keep practicing until you remember the whole segment without consulting the native translation.