Creating Project

Start gwavmerger. You will be presented with the main window:

Figure 1. gwavmerger Main Window

gwavmerger Main Window

To create new project, click Preferences->Project

Preference dialog is a project configuration file editor:

Figure 2. Preferences Dialog (Project Settings)

Preferences Dialog (Project Settings)

Merge Map defines how two sequences are to be merged:

Figure 3. Preferences Dialog (Merge Map)

Preferences Dialog (Merge Map)

You can optionally insert pauses between recording of each sentence in sequence A and corresponding sentence in sequence B. The result is:

ru12_01.wav    pause_A    en12_01.wav    pause_B
ru12_02.wav    pause_A    en12_02.wav    pause_B
    ...          ...          ...          ...
ru12_30.wav    pause_A    en12_30.wav    pause_B

Glued all together, they result in a WAV file (Segment12.wav) that when played, helps you memorize your assignment. First you hear a translation of a sentence in you native tongue. The pause follows - it gives you a chance to recall and say out loud what the equivalent would be in the foreign language. Then you hear the foreign counterpart which is followed by a pause that gives you another chance to repeat after the speaker.

The length of the pause can be either relative to the length of the sentence B (2x, 3x, ...) or absolute in seconds. I find that a pause of 2x gives me enough time to recall and repeat a sentence of virtually any length. Your millage might vary.

Click [OK] button to close Preferences Dialog.