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Context-level Diagram

  • [PNG] (112Kb)

Class Diagrams/Scenarios

  • Application Class Diagram [PNG] (25Kb)
  • MainWindow Class Diagram [PNG] (26Kb)
  • MainWindow State Machine [PNG] (32Kb)
  • Add menu bar to the MainWindow [PNG] (29Kb)
  • Load Project with FileOpen Dialog [PNG] (42Kb)
  • Load Project from history list [PNG] (41Kb)
  • Close Project and refresh history list [PNG] (41Kb)
  • Application shutdown sequence [PNG] (20Kb)
  • MergeDialog Class Diagram [PNG] (34Kb)
  • MergeDialog merges both sequences of WAV files into one WAV file. [PNG] (39Kb)
  • Project Preferences Dialog Class Diagram [PGN] (20Kb)
  • Open Preferences Dialog [PGN] (40Kb)
  • Cancel preferences [PGN] (41Kb)
  • Modify preferences and Apply changes [PGN] (77Kb)

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