Recording Translation

In order to record the part in your native language you need a translation of the material. One word of advice - although we are all masters of our own language, putting the translated sentences into exact words of your native tongue requires time and energy. It is best to rely on professional translators. The best scenario is to have parallel texts for both native and foreign material you are about to memorize (in addition to the audio version of the foreign part). If not, then you would have to do the translation yourself.

To record the translation part:

Configure your sound card to record from the microphone.

Go to your native language directory, and use record utility mentioned before.

% cd /home/English/Segment12/Russian
% record -o ru12_

record starts recording with the offset 0. To align, make dummy first recording by hitting space bar twice. Read your translation sentence at a time into the microphone. At the end you will have a parallel sequence of translation in your native language:

% rm ru012_000.wav
% ls

ru012_001.wav  ru012_010.wav  ru012_019.wav  ru012_028.wav
ru012_002.wav  ru012_011.wav  ru012_020.wav  ru012_029.wav
ru012_003.wav  ru012_012.wav  ru012_021.wav  ru012_030.wav
ru012_004.wav  ru012_013.wav  ru012_022.wav
ru012_005.wav  ru012_014.wav  ru012_023.wav
ru012_006.wav  ru012_015.wav  ru012_024.wav
ru012_007.wav  ru012_016.wav  ru012_025.wav
ru012_008.wav  ru012_017.wav  ru012_026.wav
ru012_009.wav  ru012_018.wav  ru012_027.wav